About Us

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Our Massage therapists at Massage by Fern are fully qualified Thai Masseuse trained in Traditional Thai massage treatments at the Wot PO traditional Medical school in Bangkok, Thailand. With many years experience in the use of traditional Thai massage treatments our therapists know how to manipulate the muscles to give a positive effect and overall sense of well being to the body.

In our private treatment rooms we provide a serene place to unwind and relax. All massage services are provided on professional massage tables for your comfort. Our rooms are appointed with the best in comfort so you can relax and feel renewed and rejuvenated following one of our treatments.

Our Traditional Thai massage Therapists use thumbs, forearms, elbows and palms in a combination of techniques of touch and pressure on the body to relax and release general discomfort. Your body is worked from the front to back and head to toe or we can manipulate pressure onto certain points of the body to relieve tension and the build up of toxins and waste materials from the tissues.

Our massage services includes a range of treatments to help muscle stiffness and tension; Traditional Thai massage, Oil massage, Head and Shoulders massage, Thai foot massage & Deep Tissue Massage. Try our massage services and feel the difference to your mind and heart after our treatments.